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Announcement: Clean Victoria Carpet Cleaning Partners for UK Movement!

We have a big announcement to make. In the background we have been working very hard to establish our presence in the UK within the trades industry. After scheduling a lot of meetings we finally found a few trades people that were willing to help us get started. We now have some electricians, plumbers, builders and carpet cleaners.

W spoke with Paul of Clean Victoria last week and he is very happy to lead up the movement in the North East of England. He is based out of Newcastle himself but his service area covers all of Tyne and Wear. So we will now have a representative in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Washington and Sunderland.

We are still in very early days right now and getting things going in the UK to push harder for safety is mandatory to get our message out. After speaking to Paul we found out that when he started Clean Victoria was due to his concern for safety on the job. Sometimes there would be equipment that was not working properly that was a disaster waiting to happen. So he decided to go out on his own and no everything he does is 100% safe. So our message really resonated with him.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress and if you’d like to find out more about Paul’s professional carpet cleaning in Gateshead then why not take a look at the Clean Victoria Website.

Safety Across the Pond – Time for Change!

Safety is our number one priority. It does not matter if that is a New York state or across the pond in England. Our Brothers in Arms throughout the globe should feel safe when they go to work no matter what industry they are in. Anyone that is working outdoors with electricity, machines, or any type of trade to feel safe at work.

That is why we have decided to help establish a presence in the UK. Some of our members were on holiday together in the UK and had a chance to catch up with one of their friends who runs a removals company and he mentioned that the standards for safety in the UK could definitely be improved. And he started to ask the members about the Brotherhood and what we are doing to keep members safe. He was very interested in getting something started for the UK and his industry.

From what we found out there was actually talk of starting something similar to what we are doing but everyone is too busy running their own businesses. It was just not a viable option. But now we are proud to say that we are making a move on this. It doesn’t matter what industry we it is as we are more than happy to share our experience and keeping workers safe and sharing that knowledge globally.

There are so many different industries from what was found out in the UK that don’t have the best safety standards. Such as the house remove was industry, the carpet cleaning industry, the glazing industry and even the electrical industry in the UK could use with a safety shape up.

The business owner that we spoke with that started this entire conversation runs one of the most respected removal companies in Swindon. They deal with house removals, commercial removals, cleaning and other supplementary services. And from what we now understand his company has a good safety record but he understands the industry and he knows his competition.

He knows that his competition I’ve had staff that have been injured simply because of the fact that there is no real safety standards from moving companies in the UK. This really aggravated him as one of the injured was a long time friend. The movers industry is not seen as a high-risk industry in the UK from what we have now been educated on. So that is why there is no solid safety reform already in place.

We are happy to announce that we are going to be having some members fly back over to Swindon and sit down to start the UK Brotherhood Of Moving Professionals. It will essentially be replicating what have done done to bring reform and safety standards to our industry.

We are excited to say the least! Actually we are jumping up and down. We know what our industry used to be like 20 years ago and it is a much friendlier and safe place to work because of what have we have implemented. Over the coming year we will keep you updated on our site about the progress of the UK Brotherhood Of Moving Professionals.