Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all the winners. Best of luck in college, you make us proud!
Ernest Jessup’s daughter from Steuben Rural Electric
Doug Hilsdorf’s son from Steuben Rural Electric
Kari Connolly’s daughter from Kirkwood
Kevin Schwartz’s son from Liberty
Jean Mitchell’s son from Kirkwood
William Morton’s daughter from AES Cayuga
Cindy Barry’s son from Kirkwood
Christina Zuill’s son from Oneonta

Sandra Kelly’s daughter from Oneonta
Chris Green’s son from Binghamton Service Center
Matt Howe’s son from Brewster


Melissa A. Cron, daughter of Lori A. Cron in Kirkwood
Cynthia Seibert, daughter of Douglas B. Seibert in Liberty
Karley E. DeCocker, daughter of  Robert C. DeCocker in Oneonta – Norwich
Kyle Lovett-Pitts, son of Dawan Pitts in BSC
Ethan Lewis, son of Michael C. Lewis in Hornell
Daniel J. Bartnik, son of Cynthia L. Bartnik in BSC
Meagan Hilsdorf, daughter of Douglas S. Hilsdorf in Steuben Electric
Jordan Dilello, son of Traci Dilello in Oneonta – Stamford


Amanda L. Doucett, daughter of Matthew E. Doucett in Ithaca
Kyle T. Armstrong, son of Kristin B. Armstrong in Ithaca
Erika Puffer, daughter of Gerald W. Puffer in Oneonta
Eric Nilsson, son of Clifford T. Nilsson in Brewster – Mahopac


Grant Ward, son of Rodney Ward in Brewster
Myriah Wilson, daughter of  Richard Wilson in Oneonta
Erik Jones, son of Rodney Jones in Oneonta
Danielle Leigh, daughter of Mark Gaisford in Oneonta
Kayla Simpson, daughter of Clifford Simpson in Oneonta
Nicholas Badeau, son of Johnny Badeau in Steuben Co-Op
Katherine Bolduc, daughter of  Ronald Bolduc in Brewster
Jonathan Cortina, son of Denise Cortina in Kirkwood

Jessica Quibell, daughter of Mark Quibell in Hornell (Dansville)
Benjamin Taylor, son of Martin Taylor in Ithaca
Amy Augustine, daughter of Stanley Augustine in Elmira.
Kimberly Purtell, daughter of Lori Kirtland in Kirkwood.